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Symbol Mark (City Mark)

Symbol Mark (City Mark)
  • The Pyeongtaek City mark is the city's major symbol, embodying the City Hall's key motif elements
  • The symbol mark is geared towards securing visual unification as well as delivering the consistent internal image of the City Hall and a consistent external image of Pyeongtaek City.
대한민국경제신도시 평택시의 B-I 마크로 경제성장을 나타내는 빌딩 서해바다를 표시하는 하늘색과 평택평야의 녹색을 형상화하여 제작되었습니다.

B-I Mark

  • Symbolizing Pyeongtaek City's expansive plains and the West Sea (Pyeongtaek Port), the mark embodies Pyeongtaek as South Korea's new-growth economic city.

Agricultural and Native Product Combined Brand: Super O'ning

Agricultural and Native Product Combined Brand: Super O'ning
Super O'ning
  • Our agricultural and native product combined brand Super O'ning, which is short for “Super, the origin of the morning,” delivers the message that our agricultural and native products are of high quality and pave the way for a pleasant morning for clean and reliable food.
  • “O” is featured in the shape of a large circular bowl, in which the morning sunshine and expansive plains are displayed, delivering the message that Pyeongtaek's clean natural environment enriches its agricultural and native products to enrich our breakfast table.
  • The Ming-style fonts express reliable and outstanding-quality agricultural and native products.