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Pyeongtaek City


Administrative Organizations



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Born in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do in March 1963


  • Anjung High School
  • Public Administration of Korea National Open University
  • Graduate School of Public Policy, Korea University (M.A. in Public Administration)


  • 1987 Started a bureaucratic career by joining Cheongbuk-myeon Office
    in Pyeongtaek-gun, Gyeonggi-do
  • 2009 Secretary to the Minister of Public Administration and Security
    Administrative Team Head at the Autonomous Administration Division of
    the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • 2011 Manager at the Office of the Prime Minister.
  • 2013 Administrative officer at the Office of the Senior
    Secretary for Civil Affairs of President Park Geun-hae's Presidential Office
  • 2014 Retired as vice director Vice Chairman of the Information and
    Science Subcommittee of Saenuri Party's Central Committee
  • 2014 8th mayor of the combined Pyeongtaek City


  • 2014 Local Government Award in the political category of 6th
    Seoul Success Awards
  • 2015 Award in the value creation category of the
    2015 Forbes' CEO Awards
  • 2015 Excellence Award in the category of citizen
    communication at the nationwide competition for local
    government heads' manifesto of excellent practices
  • 2015 Award in regional agricultural development leadership
  • 2015 Award in the category of the industrial economy
    (city) of the 20th Korea Local Government Administration Awards
  • 2015 Award in the category of public administration
    of the 6th Korea'sProfessionals Awards