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Domestic Waste Discarding Method

Domestic Waste Discarding Method

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Domestic Waste Discarding Method

  • Discard food waste after removing the water and putting it in the exclusive (yellow) plastic bag and exclusive collection container
  • Discard large waste by purchasing large waste stickers at the relevant shops and attaching them to the waste
  • Discard domestic waste by putting it in the exclusive plastic bag, tying the top area, and dumping in the designated location

Domestic Waste Discarding Time

  • Discard at the designated locations from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. the next day on weekdays
  • Do not discard from 4 a.m. on a Saturday to 8 a.m. on a Sunday
  • Exclusive waste plastic bags and large waste stickers can be purchased at relevant shops

Let us all join the waste reduction campaign

  • Purchase and reuse shopping combined plastic garbage bags at shops instead of disposable plastic garbage bags
  • Return waste fluorescent lamps to the shops where they were bought (store combined detached houses), or discard them into the sorting collection cases
  • Discard disposable plastic bags and film packing materials (packing materials for ramen, cakes, detergents, cosmetics, and agricultural and livestock products) after removing the contents, putting them in a transparent bag, and dumping them in a bundle

Instructions for Food Waste Discarding

  • Discard after removing as much foreign matter and water as possible, putting it in the exclusive food waste plastic bag, and dumping it into the collection container, leaving no water to gather in the container
  • Discard plastics, bottle covers, toothpicks, shells, tea bags, or other hard and packed things difficult to recycle, after removing the contents

Fines against Violations

Violators of the above instructions or unauthorized dumping of garbage will face a fine of up to KRW1 million

Large-Domestic-Waste Discarding Method

  • Discard after purchasing large-garbage stickers at the relevant shops and attaching them
  • Discard after reporting online, printing the report certificate, and attaching the certificate to the garbage (

For recyclable electronics and furniture, contact any of the following recycling centers
Nambu Recycling Center : 031-653-7288
Seobu Recycling Center : 031-681-2707
Bukbu Recycling Center : 031-665-4589

Free Collection of Large-Waste Electronics

Items that can be collected for free
  • Refrigerators : Home and business freezers, kimchi refrigerators, showcases, etc
  • Washing machines : General washers, front-loading washers, etc
  • Air conditioners : Internal units, external units, single-unit type, etc
  • TV : CRT, LCD, LED, and projection TVs
  • 1m or longer electronics: Gas ovens, air cleaners, dishwashers, dish dryers, copy machines, vending machines, running machines, and hot- and cold-water purifiers [under-1m electronics shall be discarded separately (for information, contact the Resource Circulation Division)]
Uncollectable items
  • Damaged products (damaged refrigerator coolers, washer motors, etc.)
  • Waste furniture (wardrobes, desks, chairs, massage chairs, etc.)
  • Exercise apparatuses except running machines
  • Musical instruments (pianos, electronic pianos, etc.)
  • Single selective items (small electronics)

☞ Discard uncollectable items pursuant to the large-waste discarding method

Collection Booking Method

Booking by phone: Call Center for the free collection of large-waste electronics (1599-0903)

  • Weekdays (Mondays-Fridays): 8-18
  • Saturdays and holidays: 8-12
  • Days closed: Every Sunday, January 1, May 1, 3 Lunar New Year holidays, 3 Chuseok Holiday days Online booking:
  • Remove air conditioners and flat-screen TVs from the wall before collecting them (depending on the circumstances / remove and collect after checking the circumstances)
  • Small electronics may be collected if together with mandatory items to be collected
  • Items to be discarded shall be rendered collectable before collecting them (in the case of the collection requiring a ladder truck or a crane; in the case of the air conditioner's external unit being installed in a dangerous location, etc.)

Recycling Centers

Pyeongtaek-designated recycling centers
  • Recyclable used electronics and furniture can be collected with a fee or for free (recyclable, unsellable products shall not be collected)
  • Recyclable electronics and furniture can be repaired and sold at affordable prices (can be delivered; warranty service period: 6 months after purchase)
Nambu Recycling Center

Seongdong-ro 11 beongil 26 (Bijeon-dong), Pyeongtaek ☎ 031-653-7288

Seobu Recycling Center

Anjung-eup Seodongdae-ro188 (Geumgok-ri), Anjung-eup, Pyeongtaek ☎ 031-681-2707

Bukbu Recycling Center

Seojeongyeokno 55 beongil 8-4 (Seojeong-dong), Pyeongtaek ☎ 031-665-4589